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Are You Ready For This ?

By June 15, 2010Articles

Imagine…its been a long, hot summer day, you just arrive home from work …suddenly your power goes out shutting down your AC and fridge. You go to your laptop and it simply won’t come up…reaching for your cell phone to find it doesn’t work. Deciding to drive to a nearby friend’s house you get in your car, turn the key…nothing. You realize our nation was struck by an EMP ( Electro Magnetic Pulse ). Do you have a plan?

Or maybe you are a housewife and you have heard of an approaching tropical storm. You turn on the news to see it’s now a massive Cat 5 Hurricane wiping coastal towns off the map. Deep inside you long to help the desperate people as you helplessly watch the events unfold on T.V.

Perhaps you are an intercessor with a mandate over specific cities. You have wept as our nation slips further from its morals and turn its back on Israel. One morning you awake to news of a complete
financial meltdown or even worse-civil war. Your town is now a refugee camp…are you ready to roll up your sleeves?

We hope and pray that none of these scenarios would ever be true and long for a massive Awakening in our nation. At the same time God is raising up a reserve army of responders to release great  demonstrations of glory in the midst of the darkest hours of history.

On July 26th-30th we will be hosting a disaster relief training strategically positioned just 35 miles south of our nation’s capital. Come join us for this event and get equipped spiritually, emotionally, and physically so you too can reach the harvest in crisis.

Training includes equipping in Chaplaincy, Healing and Deliverance, First Aid, Sozo in Crisis, Safe Food Handling, Search & Rescue, Personal and Community Preparation, Prophetic Evangelism, HAM Radio, Devotional Life in Crisis,Disaster Simulations and much more.

We are inviting East Coast leaders to a prophetic round table to discuss possible risks and ways the church can network together in times of crisis. Special guest John McTernan author of ” As America Has Done To Israel ” will join us for a session on Israel as well.

Our mandate is to train and mobilize an army of end-time missionaries that will bring the Kingdom and reap the harvest in the midst of crisis.

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