Cabins on the Pond

The CRI Base needs private lodging facilities so we can minister to those suffering from PTSD, trauma, and grief as well as our volunteers’ post-disaster deployment.

Our staff and volunteers have been hard at work, updating and remodeling “The Base” since we purchased it in March of 2019. We have made significant improvements to the dining hall, pavilion, and dorms because of partners like you.  We even added a cafe, prayer room, orchard, and expanded the farm. However, one of our most significant challenges has been the lack of couples lodging and private rooms.
We found a solution! We recently developed a relationship with a cabin company that helped us design a custom 16×10 unit with a loft for kids or luggage and a porch. The company is donating its commission and even approached the manufacturer to give us a break.
These cabins would provide a serene environment for responders and couples visiting the camp for any reason. However, as our on-base Chaplain Department is growing, this would offer the perfect lodging situation for those seeking ministry for PTSD, trauma, and grief. The cabins would also be open to our deployment leaders who need to get refreshed after a long and stressful deployment so they can return to the field.
This would give us desperately needed couples housing and could also be extended to ministry leaders and others as we start hosting personal retreats. The cabins will sit at the mountains’ base and a short walk to the prayer room and new cafe. We cannot explain how much of a blessing this would be for so many.
Each manufactured cabin delivered will cost $8000. To save additional money, we will install insulation, electricity, and drywall ourselves. However, we will still need to purchase the materials and furnishings.
We can finish off the interior and furnish a unit for only $12,500 per cabin. This cost would include remodeling the Pond Pavilion into a common area and bathhouse.
Could you imagine taking a retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains, attending a training event, or coming to serve at the CRI Base, all while staying in a private cabin on the pond? A gift of any size will help us reach this goal.
You can help restore the lives of those affected by PTSD, trauma, and grief, as well as the volunteers who sacrifice so much to reach them. Would you pray now about becoming part of the cabin sponsorship team? 
Together, we can profoundly impact people’s lives affected by crisis by creating an environment to minister to our volunteers, strengthen families, and reach more who are suffering.
Thank you for your partnership!
Sean Malone
Director, Crisis Response International