Eastern Kentucky Flood Response

Entire Towns Submerged – No Help In Sight.

Devastating, widespread flash flooding in the Appalachian region of Eastern Kentucky, the worst such disaster to hit that region in decades, has claimed the lives of at least 30 people, with that number expected to rise.

Catastrophic rainfall caused record flooding that wiped out hundreds of homes and businesses – entire communities, in fact – and caused heavy damage to some of America’s most poverty-stricken small towns.  

At least 33,000 people currently lack electricity, water, and cell service.  

Beshear said first responders had rescued at least 1,432 Kentuckians by boat or helicopter, and search and rescue efforts are still underway as many people remain unaccounted for.  Some areas remain difficult to reach due to dozens of damaged roadways.

The flooding has caused tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars in damage already, the governor said this week, adding that it could take years to rebuild as it has been declared  “a major disaster” and the “worst-ever” for the state. 

CRI has deployed to bring urgent relief to the hurting families and residents of Eastern Kentucky. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed as entire small rural towns have been submerged. Many of these impoverished areas have seen no help at all.

The big need right now is meal assistance and clean-up crews to muck out homes and recover belongings. We have deployed the mobile kitchen unit and clean-up equipment and will also mobilize and distribute urgently needed supplies.

The three ways you can make sure they are not forgotten are to deploy to the field, the CRI Base, or donate now.

For those desiring to fly in to assist, the nearest airports are Huntington, WV, and Lexington. KY and Charleston, WV. 

Currently, our base camp is in the Langley area. Please do not self-deploy. To deliver resources and supplies at base camp, please coordinate with deployment@criout.com.

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