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A story I had to share

By March 14, 2019February 2nd, 2020Articles


Six years ago we were looking for property to run missions schools and disaster relief training. A beloved mentor sent this sketch that he saw in a dream. He told us this, “Keep an eye out for this building.”

Today, we are thrilled to say that we bought that building and 20 others with it as we officially closed on the 85-acre mission base.

50 years later, almost to the day!

March 2nd, 1969, during a snowstorm, the original founder of the camp raised enough money to purchase the property. 50 years later almost to the day, CRI closed on the property, and it began to snow.

This property is meant to be a “Sending Center” that will be part of mobilizing a fresh wave of evangelism and missions into the earth.

We are asking for volunteers, mission teams and youth groups to come help us. We need help with painting, maintenance, organizing, cleaning, carpentry, electrical work, general labor and farm help.

Our teams need a golf cart, bulk vinyl flooring, industrial pallet racking, LED lighting and new garage doors to keep

Learn how to volunteer or bring supplies

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