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Escaped From the Claws of ISIS

By February 15, 2016Articles

There are thousands of women who are still held as slaves by ISIS. If they escape captivity, their lives are shrouded in shame, because of what they’ve suffered. But there is hope! The following is a story of one woman who no longer bears the chains the physical chains of slavery, nor the emotional chains of shame.

Khalida and her family were working their small farm in Telbanat, near Sinjar, when ISIS attacked on Sunday, 3rd August, 2014. Her life was changed forever. Trying desperately to escape, the family ran for a nearby village, and found a building in which to hide. Little did they know that this village was under the control of ISIS, and their hiding place was soon discovered. True to form, ISIS showed absolutely no mercy, taking her brother and stepfather, killing them soon after. The ladies of the family; Khalida, her mother and 2 sisters, were taken to Mosul and sold as slaves.

Bought by a Mosul resident to be enslaved as a housemaid, Khalida’s fate seemed doomed. Yet the courage of the wife of the man who bought Khalida turned things around. As Khalida says, “the lady gave me enough money for a taxi and told me to run and take a taxi as far away as possible.” The taxi driver took Khalida as far out of town as he safely could, and pointed her in the right direction. She started walking. As an Arab shepherd roamed through the country-side, he came across Khalida and escorted her safely to the nearest Peshmerga checkpoint.

Khalida now 23, lives on the refugee camp, along with 1 of her sisters, who also managed to escape ISIS. The fate of their mother and other sister is still unknown.

We help refugees like Khalida learn new skills, so they can be independent, supporting themselves and the family they have left. They, who can never return to their old life and the safety of their family network.

Khalida is now earning a small living for herself, providing basic sewing services for the other residents of Essian camp. She has earned enough money to relocate her family from the camp into a building with other families, where she continues her business. She has gone from sewing clothing to making draperies for nearby businesses and residential homes. With one sewing machine and basic skills, Khalida now has dignity and can provide for her family.

Sewing Project Basic cost:
Sewing machine: ($120)
Sewing necessities: ($100)
Translator salary: ($300) per month

Hairstylist – Cosmetology Basic cost:
Equipment: ($45)
Total cost: ($20) for each student.
Translator ($500) per month

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