Pure Heart Retreat

Join us for a weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains for the Pure Heart Retreat with Tom and Donna Cole


God longs for us to know Him, and He wants to heal the wounds in our hearts. You may find it difficult to receive love from God or from others because of past pain, abuse, or neglect, but desire to go deeper into the Lord’s heart.

Tom and Donna will lead us through an impactful weekend of healing and restoration.

You will discover God’s abiding affections toward you and explore His promises over you. As you seek Him for healing, may He restore your heart to wholeness and fulfill the promises of blessing in your life.

Everyone can find freedom and wholeness at the Pure Heart Retreat!

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Pure Heart addresses the wounds that are common to most of us and helps us recognize our need for God and others.

  • We look at the essential and life-forming relationships of our parents.
  • We address shame and how it keeps us hidden and broken.
  • We look at the importance of understanding God’s will and intention to us as image-bearers of God through our femininity and masculinity, as men and women.
  • We lead people through forgiving those who have wounded and broken them, as well as forgiving themselves.
  • We address how God made each of us unique and a precious expression of the image of God.

Whether you have a specific wounding, have difficulty navigating life, struggle with strongholds, addictions, or sexual brokenness, or are just tired of shallow connections with others – Pure Heart is for you!


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Two other events are occurring at our Missions & Conference Center the same weekend as the Pure Heart Retreat:

The Watch begins at 5 pm on March 26th.  We begin with a love-feast dinner, followed by a special teaching and worship (session led by the Cole’s), and then an all-night prayer watch to seek the Lord for awakening and outpouring of The Spirit (optional).

A Cheese Making Workshop will be held on the morning of Saturday, March 27th. Tom Cole will share some of his vast cheese-making knowledge with us during this hands-on workshop.

While joining us for the Pure Heart Retreat, you are welcome to attend these events listed above for free or opt for personal free-time.


Registration is open to 18 and above. Ages 16-18 are welcome to attend with a participating adult.

Check-In: Thursday, March 25th, 1-5 PM

Check-out: Anytime after 9 PM Saturday until 10 AM Sunday

Event Cost: $120 per person

Lodging Cost:  Three nights –  For an additional fee of $59 per person total for a shared cabin or use of our RV parking with hookups.

Meals: Are graciously prepared and generously served free to all of our event guests.

Feel free to make your own lodging arrangements off-base if desired.  The nearest hotel is 20 minutes away.

Email training@criout.com with any questions.


The Coles recommend reading their book, Pure Heart: Restoration of the Heart Through the Beatitudes, before coming to the retreat to get the most out of your time.

 Tom and Donna Cole

Tom and Donna Cole lead the Restoration Intensives and have over 60 years of combined experience in bringing healing to the emotionally wounded. They are the co-authors of “Pure Heart – Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes”. They travel nationally and internationally teaching, ministering, counseling, and bringing freedom to the brokenhearted. They are the parents of four children and grandparents of five sweet grandbabies.



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Mar 25 - 27 2021


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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