Launch into great exploits and a lifestyle of crisis response missions.

A Transformational Experience

The ARC School will equip you to minister in the Holy Spirit’s power, share the gospel effectively, make disciples who make disciples, and form authentic spiritual communities. You will learn how to fulfill the Great Commission in the context of crisis and according to the apostolic patterns of the New Testament.


The ARC will begin 9/1 at the CRI Mission Base in The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. For six weeks, you will be immersed in a presence-based, missional community.  You will participate in worship, prayer, classroom instruction, and activation.

While working alongside CRI Staff there will be times to gain new skills, receive personal ministry, and participate in local outreach.  You will be challenged to build authentic relationships, overcome personal obstacles and grow spiritually. Completion of ARC School is required to become CRI Staff.


During the week of  Oct 11 (Week 7), you will transition to the missions portion of the training.  There will be mission outreach options to choose from.

  1. Deploy to Grand Bahama Island to apply your training. This will involve street ministry, outreach, disciple-making, and a special project to rebuild a woman’s house that has no electricity and is in danger of collapse. (Building skills desired but not mandatory.)
  2. Deploy to an active deployment. October is the height of hurricane season, and we will most likely be bringing relief somewhere. 
  3. Intern on-base in a full-time role with base staff or admin team. 
Debriefing, final instruction, and graduation will occur at the CRI Mission Base on November 11.

Is this for me? I am...

  • 18 or older, spiritually healthy, flexible, and teachable. 
  • Feel called to be a part of CRI and/or join staff.
  • Desire to develop a presence-based response to crisis.
  • Long to see transformation and revival.
  • Desire to live a New Testament lifestyle.
  • Walking in healing from known past trauma, rejection, demonic oppression, addiction, and life-controlling issues.
  • Hunger for more of God and want to see His miraculous power.
  • In good health mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Work well on a team and am willing to follow directions.
  • Walking in purity and truth with a commitment to following God’s Word.

ARC Leaders & Instructors

Greg & Kate Newman

We're the Newman family. Our girls (ages 11 and 8) and my husband and I left our home in California in 2019 to join CRI in Virginia and attend the ARC school.
Unbeknownst to us, the Lord had been preparing us for this for several years before we came. In 2016, God asked us to sell our home in Southern California and move into a trailer. He asked us to give our carpet cleaning business back to the previous owner and would also ask us to give our family dog to a sweet family we had met along this 3-year journey to free us up so that we could serve Him full-time with CRI.
Of course, we had never even heard of CRI. But throughout the 3 years that God was preparing us, He would drop in my spirit "disaster relief." I didn't know how to get involved in it; I just thought it would be a great thing to get into. About 6 months before moving to Virginia, we learned about CRI through the Rock Church in San Diego.
We knew God was stirring us and moving us to something, and once my husband and I were finally on the same page with missions, we "burnt" the last of our ships holding us down and set East with our trailer to their base camp. Once we completed the 3-month ARC School training, Greg left for deployment in Puerto Rico for 2 weeks. Later that winter, we deployed as a family to the Grand Bahama Island for 2 months to begin the process of rebuilding after Hurricane Dorian.
In the Spring of 2020, I deployed without my family to the Chattanooga tornado deployment for 10 days. Then later that year, my girls and I deployed to the Alabama tornado deployment. Just a short time later, as a family, we deployed to the 2nd Sulphur, Louisiana deployment to make sure we were leaving no unmet needs.
When we're not deployed, we currently serve full-time on the CRI base. Greg tends to the garden. When I (Kate) am not homeschooling my girls, I help in the garden, do graphic design, and do other various tasks around the mission base.
We love the culture of worship and prayer here on base. Living in intentional community has been an amazing experience and we are grateful for the missional family we have found.
We are so honored to lead this next ARC School and can't wait to meet everyone that the Lord is bringing to base for ARC Fall 2021!

John Quesenberry

Jon Quesenberry is a worship leader, church planter, and prophetic teacher. He is the pastor of the Dwelling Place Christian Community and the director of the Charlottesville House of Prayer in Charlottesville Virginia. Jon is the author of “Presence-Based Community”, which is about being the church rather than going to church. It is a life-producing recording of focus and priority for how to be the people of God based on the Bible. Jon has been in Christian ministry since 1997 and has a Masters of Divinity degree from Eastern Mennonite Seminary. He is married to Carol, his wife of 37 years, and has four children and three grandchildren. Jon’s passion is the pursuit of the presence of God and the cultivation of presence-based community.

Brendan & Dawn Riordan

Brendan Riordan has a prophetic calling to restore a remnant church to resemble the church in the book of Acts. When believers live in a loving community with evangelism and discipleship at their core, then the Lord moves in miraculous ways, bringing healing, new life, and revival.

A homestead farm community with a home church is an ideal base to live out this Christian life in preparation for the Lord’s return.

Brendan and Dawn have co- labored in ministry for over 30 years. Brendan as a pastor/farmer and Dawn as a women’s teacher and homemaker. Their three children were homeschooled and continued to Christian colleges and are now beginning their own Christian families.

Jorge Parrott

Jorge has had many visions and encounters with the Lord confirming his being called to love the Lord intimately in authentic relationships and to the nations. We have many teachers but not many fathers. 1 Cor. 4:14. Jorge is called to demonstrate the Father's heart to everyone. He serves on the board of 7 non-profit organizations as he serves as President of CMM and CMM College of Theology, a church planting, humanitarian and missionary equipping organization, for 23 years, working in 70 nations, visiting 60 nations working and equipping national leaders, planting churches and schools, speaking at conferences, teaching, helping many to crossover into fullness of destiny, by stepping out of their comfort zones going on inter-cultural faith exchange adventures and in impacting all sectors of society.

Jorge serves as President of CMM.World, as well as President of CMM College of Theology. Jorge is ordained by CMM, Rick Joyner and IFOC. Jorge and Anna Marie have been granted the title of Lord and Lady by the UK with ownership of a plot of land in Scotland.

Jorge has raised almost 100 million dollars of cash and gifts in kind to help build churches, educational, and medical outreaches in many nations. Jorge helped coordinate disaster relief in the Myanmar Coup 2021, during the global pandemic feeding thousands monthly 2020-21, the Bahamas in 2019, Haiti in 2010, Thailand in the tsunami of 2004, the earthquake in Pakistan, and the mudslides in Guatemala, and Hurricanes in the US and abroad.

He has three grown sons, Orion, Matthew, and Jonathan, and has been married for 43 years to Anna Marie and one grandchild and another one on the way.

Gifts: Prophetic Counseling, advising and training ministers, ministries, and missionaries, business leaders, and government leaders in the US and abroad. Jorge oversees and connects over 500 missionary leaders and equips growing apostolic, prophetic regional training hubs, outposts. and base camps. He focuses on sound prophetic teaching, mentoring, evangelism, disaster preparation, and networking, caring for widows and orphans, and community development. Jorge connects friends around the world and utilizes his strong relationships, equipping resources, team logistics, and strategic planning, to help prepare for the coming great harvest and helping many fulfill the Great Commission.

Jay Baylor

Jay has ministered for over 25 years in a variety of ministries and churches- as a Young Life Area Director, Youth and Young Adult Pastor and Associate Pastor. In 2006 he launched Burning Heart Ministries, a Missional Community in the Baltimore area. Jay has been an instructor in the Global School of Supernatural Ministry and the Christian Healing Certification Program. In 2014 Jay was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church of North America and he planted Church of the Apostles in the City, a multi-ethnic, economically diverse church family, uniting in worship of our Lord and Savior East Baltimore. Healings, miracles and deliverance are a regular part of our life together as a church community. His focus now is on a citywide healing and freedom ministry and a racial healing project. Jay and his wife Mindy have been married for 30 years and they have two daughters, Rachel (25) and Emma (22).
He holds a BA from Penn State in International Relations and a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle, Washington.

CRI Staff

CRI Staff will also be teaching content throughout ARC School.


School Fee $2350 + Mission Outreach Fee

  • $50 – Non-refundable background check/application fee.
  • $500 – Deposit due upon acceptance to hold student spot.
  • $1800.00 – School fee balance due by Sept 1.

Mission Outreach Options – (fee due Oct 1)

  1. Bahamas deployment estimated cost is $1200 + flight. 
  2. Unknown deployment location – estimated under $500.
  3. Base internship – $350.


The school begins on September 1 and runs through November 11. All students will live on base in a missional community setting, receive classroom and hands-on training, and be involved in various mission base functions. As the school begins, the entire class will be praying for their next steps and will have the opportunity to fundraise for their practicum/outreach portion. A final decision will be made no later than October 1st. The week of October 11th, the students will split up and enter into their selected roles or deployment.  We will be gathering back together at the CRI Mission Base on November 11 for debriefing, final instruction, and graduation ceremony.

Lodging & Meals

Lodging and meals are included in your school fees. Lodging is in shared cabins and meals are provided in the dining hall and are eaten together as a community. Very limited family cabin availability so apply early.

Life on Base

You will have access to various resources and leisure activities like a swimming pool, mountain trails, hiking, cross-fit gym, and more. Part of your time on the CRI Base will involve serving in various mission base and/or admin roles. These could include farm & garden, grounds maintenance, kitchen duty, building maintenance, training, and deployment functions. All students are required to be at meals and 8 am daily worship and prayer except weekends. We encourage all staff and students to engage in attendance at a local church.


Must apply, pass our background check, and have school portion fees paid in full to attend. Must be a CRI Responder either by taking online basic training, have attended a live basic training or Boot Camp, or attend the next Boot Camp August 17-21 to become a CRI Responder with the option to stay on base until the start of the school (Boot Camp and extended stay cost: $50 with a coupon and registration link that will be provided after registering for ARC School).

Are There Any Discounts Available?

We are offering a 10% discount on the school fee to anyone who applies and is accepted to perform the role of a School Staff member or as a Worship Leader. Married couples receive a 10% discount per person. We offer discounts for international students from developing countries.


Any student approved to join the school can raise funds through CRI to go directly towards your school tuition and deployment fees. After completion of the school, you will have the opportunity to go on other deployments or join our Mission Base Staff. During the school, you will be trained and given resources to help you raise the additional funds required for the deployment as well as for future deployments. For those approved to join full-time staff, you will be able to raise support through CRI for personal and living expenses as a CRI Missionary. 

ARC School Staff?

We are looking for individuals who have relationships and history within CRI to be a part of the ARC School Staff. These leaders will take on small responsibilities for the school and have a vested interest in the growth of the students.  Staff members will meet one-on-one with the students and hold weekly devotional times with a small group.

There are a limited number of staff roles available. The schedule and expectations are the same as that of a student. In addition to filling out the student application, fill out the staff section as well. If accepted for a school staff role, you will receive a 10% discount on school tuition.

Refund Policy

The $50 application fee is non-refundable. The $500 deposit is refundable up until two weeks before the school starts in the case that you are unable to make it to the school. After two weeks prior to arrival day, the $500 deposit is non-refundable. You may choose to transfer the deposit towards another ARC School within the following year. After one year from arrival day, the deposit is non-transferable. If you are unable to pay in full by arrival day, please contact us at to find out how to move forward.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Nope, that’s everything! We sincerely hope to see you at ARC School. We believe that everybody has the ability to serve, and we would love to be a part of your journey with Christ. For additional questions please email