Disaster Relief and Crisis Response Training

Learn new skills at Boot Camp

Boot Camp will train and equip you to deploy in God’s love and power in times of disaster. It will also certify you as an official CRI Responder (Disaster Relief & Crisis Response Volunteer)

You will acquire crucial disaster relief skills like mobile kitchen operations, search & rescue, base camp ops, how to assist homeowners, land navigation, disaster first-aid, chaplaincy, mobile house of prayer, chainsaw safety, and more. You will discover how to weave your personal passions, knowledge, and callings into the context of crisis response. 

Even if you have already taken our online Crisis Response Training, join us for this highly hands-on experience in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia!

Meet more than the practical needs

People need more than a band-aid. They need to encounter Jesus.

Crisis Response Boot Camp will equip you to minister in the midst of crisis. You will learn how to discern the deeper, spiritual, and emotional needs and then meet them in the Holy Spirit’s power.

Boot Camp is a transformational experience that will cause you to grow deeper in your walk with God and connect you with a global tribe of passionate believers who want to help others when needed most. 

Not just another conference

Upon check-in, you will receive your CRI hard hat, and you will immediately step into the training. The saying is, “Train like you fightfight like you train.”

Our deployments range from famine to flood to the frontlines of war. You never really know where God might send you when you have an unreserved yes in your heart. Besides, we do not get to pick and choose where and when crisis strikes. We just need to be ready. So be ready when you arrive ; )

Do not disqualify yourself from attendance

Too often, we take inventory of weakness, focus on our lack, and settle for convenience, and we disqualify ourselves from the historic exploits God has prepared for us.

This event WILL stretch you, but our team will help you to move beyond your current limitations. Remember, there is a place for everyone to serve in times of disaster. No prior experience necessary.



What to expect

Each morning and evening, our amazing worship team will lead us through a live worship experience. You’ll engage in full days of outdoor activities, classroom time, and hands-on instruction.  Each day will include opportunities to receive personal ministry. 

Be prepared to laugh, cry, get a little dirty, and have lots of fun. Trust us, it’s gonna be worth it! Boot Camp is an experience like no other.

A Little About Us

CRI is a 501(c)3, charitable organization that mobilizes emergency relief supplies, volunteer workers, mobile kitchens, medical personnel, chaplains, and clean-up crews to assist people who are suffering in times of crisis and disaster. Since 2007 we have been training individuals and churches to become relief workers and effectively meet the unique spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that arise in urgent times of crisis and disaster. After training, volunteers are screened, credentialed, and become eligible for deployment to relief operations around the world. Get trained to join our team!

Registration Details


August 17-20 (see registration for more details)


CRI Missions Base – 2494 Camp Jaycee Rd. Blue Ridge, VA 24064


Ages 12-99

How Much?

$299 All-Inclusive


All participants are expected to lodge on base in a gender-specific bunkhouse for the duration of the training.


All meals will be prepared and served. Food allergies will be accommodated for.


Our vision is to train a new breed of mercy missionary who are mobilized in the spirit of night and day prayer, release great demonstrations of power, reach the harvest in crisis, and rebuild cities on the Kingdom of God.