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Happy Thanksgiving | Special Note From Kurdistan

By November 27, 2015Articles

Cri-safe-house-kurdistan-iraqA Special note from the safe house staff in Kurdistan.

It feels really strange to think that it is Thanksgiving Day in America. Memories bring thoughts of tradition, family, turkey and all that goes with it. Although our team misses home we are so blessed to be here in Kurdistan.

Here at the House of Hope we see many girls and women who are thankful today. They are thankful they survived a “genocide” of their people just last year. They express gratitude of being “rescued” from the horrors of Isis, the torture of memories of seeing family killed or the torture of not knowing if their children, husbands, sisters and brothers are alive and what they are going through.

They share how they are so very thankful to be here in this program experiencing true happiness and joy for the first time ever and many for being able to feel like they can live, love and feel again. They are thankful they have a hope for their future that they can now move forward with their dreams and lives.
We are thankful for the privilege and honor to come and impart the Presence of our Hope and our Joy – Jesus – Who never leaves or forsakes us. From the bottom of all our hearts we want to say that we are so grateful for you!
Happy Thanksgiving

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