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Hurricane Irene

By August 25, 2011February 2nd, 2020Deployments & Trips

Our team is currently making assessments and awaiting reports from the ground. At this time we are asking CRI trained responders to be on stand by and to email with your availability and/or resources. Earlier this year Sean and Laura Malone traveled to the Island of Eleuthera to partner with a local organization and lay the ground work for deployment into the region as well as set up aviation fly-ins in times of emergency. The eye of Irene ended was projected to pass directly over the base they visited and we are currently awaiting current information on how we can best serve the needs of the island and the host organization. We ask that you please keep this situation in your prayers as it continues to unfold. Irene is also projected to make U.S. landfall later this week. You can keep up to date with CRI’s deployments by visiting the Crisis Response International Facebook page.

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