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Applications now being accepted.

We are calling forth pioneers to help us establish the new CRI Blue Ridge Base. Come and be a part of our staff and help with year-round training events, missions schools, conferences, and deployments! Be a part of a presence-based, missional community as we build a farm, prayer room, training camp, and conference center as a fully functioning mission base.

If you have been feeling the tug on your heart and asking yourself how you can be more involved with CRI, this is your opportunity. As full-time missionary staff, you can use our personal fundraising platform to invite friends, family, and your church to help support you as a CRI Missionary.


PLEASE NOTE: All staff are required to have graduated from the ARC School with a reference from the school leader(s). (There may be exceptions to this for those who have been CRI trained and have deployed and have CRí references.) No positions are paid and all staff are responsible to raise their own support and may do so through CRí. Most positions require residency on or near the Mission Base just north of Roanoke, Virginia. Please send all questions to

  • Administrative Assistant – assist in administrative duties
  • Deployment Assistant – assist Deployment Coordinator
  • Deployment Field Leader – leading deployments
  • Event Coordinator– coordinate and lead on-base events
  • Marketing & Graphics Manager– website and marketing management
  • Worship Leader – lead worship for events on base and in House of Prayer and Encounter
  • HOPE Coordinator – schedule and facilitate the House of Prayer and Encounter
  • Social Media Manager – assist CRí staff by managing social media platforms
  • Kitchen Manager – cook, manage kitchen staff and create meal plans
  • Mission Allies Program Coordinator – coordinate Mission Allies with projects and housing
  • Farm Manager – manages the base farm, animals and sustainability aspects of the base

We are a place for Happy, Healthy and Holy Missionaries to thrive!

Happy – Seeking joy and peace; looking at life through the eyes of the promises God has given; trusting Jesus to go before them; finding the goodness of God the Father.

Healthy – Having done the inner work and walked with Jesus through the many trials of life in order to mature in character, spirit, and identity. Living with their whole heart; desiring to pour into others what has been freely given.

Holy – Walking with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit; pursuing an unoffended lifestyle; desiring clean hands and a pure heart; operating in the power of God-given gifts and callings.

Missionary – Someone who promotes the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and builds community for people to thrive in the goodness of God. Their goals depend on the skills, experience, and calling. Some will go out to the ends of the earth, and yet others will stay local and undergird those who go. Some will have seasons of coming and going. Even those who choose to do the amazing and valuable work of sending out others are considered missionaries, for without, who would do the sending?

They do what they do because they promote the Gospel and they believe in a community of believers who desire to see Jesus gain the rewards of His suffering in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

CRI is a missionary organization and family. We operate from family values and build from a place of relationship. Even if you don’t know where you fit into CRI or into missions, we can help you find your place.


Here is how you can know that being a full-time missionary with CRI may be a fit for you in this season:

  • Most importantly, you desire for Jesus to reap the rewards of His suffering by doing your own due diligence to fulfill the Great Commission in one way or another; whether that be through administrative work, coordinating, cleaning, manual labor, praying, serving, traveling, or otherwise.
  • You desire to relocate to the Roanoke, VA area to be close to the base in Blue Ridge, VA.
  • You are willing to seek the Lord for His provision of finances, whether that be through resources you currently have or raising support to become a fully-funded missionary.
  • You are interested in undergirding those who are being equipped and sent out regardless of whether or not you are going because as a family we work to support each other in their callings.
  • You are willing to count the cost of living in a loving, accountable, missional community and to pursue the personal growth that will be necessary.

If you answered yes to the above, then we invite you to come on an incredible journey as a missionary in Blue Ridge, VA.

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Here Are The Details

Those that are living on-base are expected to work full-time in the agreed upon capacity supporting one of the many departments. The cost of living on the camp per month is $199.00 for RV/camper parking (if available) and $299.00 for shared cabins. This includes meals, WiFi in designated areas, electric, water, etc.

It is our heart that we would be a blessing to the greater Roanoke area. That said, each missionary should know they are led to the surrounding area and expect to have community involvement outside of the base. Finding a local church body of some kind, making friends and enjoying the city and surrounding mountains are examples of this. CRí is an incredible family, but we greatly encourage our family members to be involved with relationships outside of CRí when pursuing a move to this area.

We believe that every person is gifted with unique talents and abilities that line up with the passions that God has given them. With that in mind, we believe that there is a place for everyone to be involved!

Mission Allies Program

Are you interested in coming to serve on the base but this isn’t the right season for you to come on as staff? Or maybe would you like to just hang out on the Mission Base to see if CRí culture is a fit for you? Then check out our Mission Allies Program which plugs you into projects and areas of service on the base. You are welcome to visit for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks to spend time praying, worshiping, working and fellowshipping alongside the CRí family. Let us know what skills you have along with what areas you are interested in and you can help pioneer this new season with us!

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