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Our Latest Update

By April 30, 2010February 2nd, 2020Ministry updates

Starting May 1st we will be moving out of our temporary Haiti Response Command Center in the Grandview Plaza and we will be shifting the office and all meetings back to the CRI Mission Base.

  • Many people in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S share a growing burden to be trained to respond to crisis  as well as  a sense of urgency to get their cities prepared for disaster. In June a team will be traveling from K.C. to this region for  3 months to teach on preparedness and set up disaster relief trainings.
  • There are many physical, spiritual, and emotional challenges that arise in disaster.This training is designed to equip the individual and communities to reach the harvest in crisis in the power of the Holy Spirit. The event will be held July 26th-30th in Triangle, Virginia. (35 miles SW of Washington DC)  Email for more info.
  • Saturday May 8th we are having a CRI Picnic @ 5206 East 135th St. Grandview, MO. We are asking all our responders to come for a tent maintenance time from 1-4pm. We will then transition to a time of fellowship and food from 4-8pm. CRI will provide hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks. Please bring chips, salad or a dish to share. This is a great opportunity to get involved with the CRI family. Bring a friend!
  • Be on the lookout for CRI home groups starting up soon in Kansas City.
  • I would like to introduce Jim Crapson as our Kansas City Team Captain. Jim  has been serving CRI the last several years in our chaplaincy division and brings to the table decades of ministry experience. He will be leading the Home Team in Kansas City with a renewed focus on our core values and missional community.  Be looking for his weekly email updates so you can stay connected  in the Kansas City area. E-mail to get added to this list.

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