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The Super Bowl Word

By March 4, 2020March 5th, 2020Articles

It was a “burning bush” experience!

In August 2018, I walked the 85-acre camp for the first time. I knew right away that it was ours. Later that day, I called a CRI Board member to ask him to call the listing real estate agent, Mr. Boush, to make an offer. At that very moment, I saw a real burning bush; on fire in front of me. I was stunned by the drama of the Lord!

In Exodus 3, God presented the “Burning Bush” to Moses as a sign that the ground was Holy, and the people’s cry had reached His ears; the promised land would be a place of deliverance and would alleviate suffering. He promised that it would flow with milk and honey, and the people would come to that mountain to worship.

A year ago today, we moved onto the Blue Ridge property. There is amazing significance to this! Watch how this ties into the Super Bowl Prophecy in the video below. We are incredibly grateful for the blood, sweat, and tears of those who have partnered with us to make this possible.

On this first anniversary of our move to the camp, our third ARC Mission School on base is beginning. We look forward to the many amazing events and conferences that will happen this year. Most importantly, we look forward to the seeing all the hearts that will be touched by God’s love and mercy, as we deploy from this place to alleviate suffering.

As spring’s arrival grows closer, we would love to plant a more extensive garden and fruit trees. We feel we are to raise sheep and keep bees as well. We believe this land will, quite literally, flow with milk and honey!

We also feel the importance of finishing the Hope building so we can host more prayer meetings on the base to cover all our operations in prayer.

However, these advancements will take financial support and additional staff. We ask that you would pray about becoming a monthly partner with CRI or sowing a seed into the soil of God’s work on our base today.

May you be blessed abundantly!
Sean Malone

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