Do you want to be ready for disaster and desire to respond with hope and healing when crisis strikes? Activate your compassion to bring relief and release God’s love when tragedy strikes. Here are the ways to receive Crisis Response Training:


Held 2-3 times a year at our mission base in Virginia, Crisis Response Boot Camp will train and equip you to deploy in God’s love and power in times of disaster.

You will acquire hands-on disaster relief skills and discover how to weave your passions, knowledge, and callings into the context of crisis response ministry. Boot Camp certifies you as an official CRI Responder (Disaster Relief Volunteer) and makes you eligible for our relief deployments.

Boot Camp is a transformational experience that will cause you to grow deeper in your walk with God and connect you with a global tribe of passionate believers who want to help others when needed most.


You can host us in your city for a Crisis Response Seminar that can be custom-designed to suit your needs and schedule. Whether you’re a pastor and want your congregation to be ready for crisis or have a large group interested in becoming CRI Responders, we would love to serve you in this way.

Send us your request by clicking the link below to start the conversation. Please include your name, the location of the host venue, and approximate dates. Please feel free to share a little bit about yourself and why you would like to host CRI.


We understand that attending Boot Camp is a valuable investment of time and resources that not everyone can make. Our online training, Course 1 delivers the core teaching and essential fundamentals of crisis response.

Once you pass Course 1 and clear a background check, you will become a credentialed CRI Responder and Disaster Relief Volunteer. You will then be eligible to sign-up for deployment.

Our online training academy has several course offerings, including chaplaincy training, and serves as an excellent refresher course.

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For all training questions and inquiries about CRI Training, email